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Wood Bar Stools

wood bar stoolsWood bar stools are still one of the most widely used bar stool type around. Many people even prefer them to conventional chairs even in areas where the counter or table is not necessarily high. They give a higher view than normal seating and this adds to both decorating and socializing aspects in a home. While the now wide usage has led to such bar stools being made of a number of materials including metal, wood and others, it is the wood bar stools that give the most authentic look to any area and have been in use for literally centuries. Some of these bar stools are mounted on swivels which allows an individual to easily turn to talk to others around. Most bar stools will have the seat at a height of 30 inches, while extra tall stools which can be anywhere from 34 to 40 inches, are also quite often seen in many homes and pubs.

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The Many Styles of Wood Bar Stools

Wood has always been a favorite material for furniture makers, and the elegance of wood and its rich finishing can more than add to the decor of any space. Wood bar stools are durable and may also be very easily refurbished with a new coat of polish or paint. Some wood bar stools, like those made by Winsome Wood, will have backs in various styles and can make for more comfortable seating. Some bar stools may also be upholstered in leather or fabric, though the normal commercial varieties will have plain wooden seats. The wood allows various finishes such as black, brown, cherry, other natural wood shades, or even unfinished. Styles of wood bar stools can be from contemporary to traditional, country or even rustic in appearance. Some of the bar stool merchants on this page will even make for you customized, upholstered stools that are so comfortable with their padded finishes, arm rests and support, that a guest may even ask to take them home. Some of their simpler backless swivel stools are carved like antiques and can make for great conversation pieces. When it comes time to select your wood bar stools, the vast range of designs available can make the choice very difficult, and you may then have to consider other things like your existing furniture to help you decide on the best ones for you.

Types of Wood

Wood bar stools can be made from mahogany, beech, maple and other natural woods, each of which brings its own distinct look to any decor. Such stools in a home can add to the relaxed atmosphere and they’ll prove to be very popular with family and friends. Most people may not know, but actually has one of the best selections of wood bar stools on the internet and many of them are shipped free. Even if you don’t purchase there, their customer reviews can give you an unbiased opinion (compared to salespeople) about a particular stool. Either way, we always recommend to do your research online and write down prices of various wood bar stools before venturing into a local store to purchase.

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